7 Summer Wedding Ideas

7 Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer weddings have the reputation of being airy and effortless affairs filled with enchantment and cool breezes. This is time of year is the most chased by couples, wanting to join all the happy “June brides”. It all sounds magical, doesn’t it? And truly, it can be, but, as we all know, fairy tales don’t always live up to expectations when it comes to planning an event.

A seasonally minded festive day without the proper attention to detail can make your warm-weather celebration feel more like a hot mess. But fear not: we’ve selected 7 top summer wedding ideas to help you to prepare your special day before you say “I do”.

Provide a shady oasis

Comfort is essential for any occasion. After all, nobody wants to ruin hours of preparation and carefully picked outfits by melting in the sun or getting soaked by the rain. Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, providing shelter is a way to guarantee that all your guests will enjoy the only thing that matters during your wedding: the lovely vibe.

Keep your guests hydrated

Summer can be all fun, and be thirsty work as well! A good tip is to have a hydration station (we didn´t mean to rhyme here) with different kinds of beverages, from flavoured water to juices, to keep everyone fresh between sips of wine or liquor.

Cool gadgets

Mosquitos, blinding sun, melting sweat and sunburn. These are all situations that are a no-no at any wedding. You can offer an individual fan for each guest at your wedding ceremony, distribute sunglasses with a personalised theme, and make available a first aid kit with SPF and insect repellent. Paying attention to the little things can make or break a celebration!

Don’t pick the wrong flower

Flowers are the most iconic aspect of a wedding. They dictate the mood and also enchant the whole atmosphere of your special day. Before you choose the right bloom for your bouquet and your decor, make sure to talk to a florist about the ideal types of flowers that won´t succumb to the heat. Some to choose from are daisies, iris, orchids, and succulents.

Feet on the ground

Some will choose paradisiacal scenery embraced by the waves and the sand. If you’re planning a beach wedding, shoes are the first thing that comes to mind. Flip flops and flats are the safest bet to get around. But if you want a more boho-chic approach, you can always go barefoot and count with beautiful delicate ankle embellishments – and also save a buck or two.

Up-do is a good to go

Beautiful long waves can be totally ruined by just a little touch of humidity. To prevent sticky-greasy hair, up-dos are definitely the smartest choice. Braids and low chignon can be perfect for a romantic look, but you can still make them modern by twisting your hair and adding an elegant ringlet.

Less is more

For your makeup, choose a colour palette that suits not only the ambiance, but also your personality. Pick the right beauty squad, brief them about your preferences, and they’ll ensure a magnificent seasonally appropriate face. Powder finishes are preferable, but to get that dewy sun-kissed look, make sure to rely on cream or cream-to-powder blush, contour, and highlight.

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