Wedding Hair Trial: 8 Tips From A Professional London Hair Stylist

Your wedding hair is going to be one of the most important styles you ever wear, which is why booking a wedding hair trial is essential before your special day. Whatever type of wedding you’re going for – a classic white wedding or the simplest registry office ceremony – every bride will agree that she wants to look her best. And that’s a decision that’s just as important as the dress. Leaving it to the last minute, and trusting to luck, not only frays the nerves, but risks disaster.

Going for a full trial is always the best idea, but you need to plan. Here are top bridal stylist Izabella Bordignon’s 8 essential tips to have a perfect wedding hair trial to ensure a stress-free wedding day, giving you looks that will wow your friends and family, and ensure pictures you’ll want to look at time and time again for years to come.

1. Do I Need A Wedding Hair Trial?

Yes you do! Having a trial enables you to choose the right hair style and hair stylist for you. You really need to be confident in your hairstylist and be completely comfortable in their company. There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect bridal hairstyle, so you need to be sure that you’re happy, not only that they understand your ideas and preferences, but just as important that you’ll feel relaxed in their care.

2. How To Prepare For Your Bridal Hair Trial?

Go armed with photos. Prepare an album on your phone of bridal hairstyles that you’ve seen elsewhere and like – from social media, magazines, or even snapped from pictures in a salon window!

Wedding dress pictures are key too! Sit down with your hairstylist and go through all of them before they start work. This chat’s an ideal way to explain your thoughts and preferences to your stylist, and they will be able to make helpful comments and point out benefits and risks of different styles that might not have occurred to you, as well as advise you on how to incorporate any hair accessories or bridal jewellery you may be wanting to wear.

3. Can’t Decide On Your Wedding Hair?

Stay close to your comfort zone. Your Big Day is not the day to go for a completely crazy new look! For example, if you’ve never straightened your naturally curly hair, now may not be the time to experiment.

Your stylist’s aim should be to accentuate your beauty and leave you feeling perfect. Although you may see many enticing styles, you certainly don’t want to look at the pictures afterward and regret doing something outlandish!

Think of the look that has given you the most satisfaction in the past – and the one that’s attracted the most positive comments from others – and work from there.

4. Don’t be afraid to extend your vision.

We’re talking hair extensions here! They don’t have to make your hair longer – they can be used to add volume and help achieve more striking looks.

Bridal hair can be intricate and the inclusion of hair extensions can be just the right thing to create that picture-perfect style you have saved on your mood board.

Similarly, it’s a great time to add highlighting features that add a lot to your style but which would be too much hassle to maintain as your everyday look. 

5. When Should you Book Your Wedding Hair Trial?

Once you’ve decided on the look that’s right, your stylist will be able to tell you how much time they’ll need on the day. Also, depending on the Big Day Timetable, you may need to build in time to get retouched.

Izabella also advises discussing hair and beauty needs for your mother, bridesmaids, and others in your party so that everyone can be looked after in the right order and at the right times.

6. Stay in charge.

Remember that you’re the boss! If you don’t like what your hairstylist is doing, say so. Don’t get talked into a look that you’re not comfortable with. If it doesn’t look right the first time, start again – the whole idea of a trial is to test out ideas to arrive at the best result. If you’re not happy, your stylist won’t be happy either, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind! 

This also applies if you are including your bridesmaids,. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments or change the plan to achieve your vision. A lot goes into getting bridal party hair and makeup right, and when you have multiple people to consider, all with different hair and skin types, it can take a little work to get everyone on the same page. And you need to stay on top of the budget! Just remember: you are the bride, it’s your day. So create a clear, simple outline and take it from there!

7. What To Do After Your Wedding Hair Trial?

Put it all on record. Your stylist should take lots of pictures, during and after the trial and share them with you. Before you finish the trial, talk through the hair and beauty styles with your stylist and make lots of notes – that way you’ll never have to lie awake thinking that something’s been forgotten or wondering what was said! 

And Izabella’s eighth tip? Talk to me!”, she says. “I’ve styled thousands of brides, and, though everyone is unique, working so closely with them has gained me enormous experience. Making every bride perfect for her wedding day is my passion, and the planning is just part of the joy!”