Camilla & Nathan at Town Hall Hotel London

Clad in a stunning gold Erdem gown, Camilla, and the impeccably suited Nathan, exchanged vows in August 2023 at the modern and sophisticated Town Hall Hotel in London. The couple, acquainted for 13 years, envisioned a wedding that radiated personality and reflected their unique style.

Camilla, an elegant and visionary bride, dreamt of a wedding that served as a true extension of her personal style. She longed for a day that celebrated love while maintaining sophistication and modernity. The ceremony unfolded as a personal and emotional celebration, featuring tender vows and an unforgettable moment: the couple’s dog acting as the ring bearer, eliciting smiles and tears of joy from the guests.

Wedding Camilla and Nathan
Photo by @emis.weddings

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Camilla for generously unveiling her story, and the photographer who captured each enchanting moment of this unforgettable day, immortalising the beauty and joy emanating from the couple. 

Throughout this article, you will have the opportunity to delve into the love story of Camilla and Nathan, explore the intricacies of their wedding, and glean valuable insights from the bride for those planning their special day. Prepare to be inspired and enchanted by the beauty and authenticity of this couple and their unforgettable celebration.

How was your experience with us?

From the trial to the actual day, the experience was incredible. Izabella and Svetlana just got me from our first meeting – they listened to what I wanted and gave advice where I needed it. Perfect!

Bride Camilla getting ready with Izabella on wedding day in London
Photo by @emis.weddings

Why did you choose us?

I loved your Instagram, that’s where I found most of the services for my wedding! I thought Izabella had such a wealth of experience with Bridal hair and makeup – it was a no-brainer as I knew I was in safe hands. I also loved her salon in Angel Islington.

Bride Camilla getting her makeup done before the wedding in London
Photo by @emis.weddings

What was your inspiration, theme/style of your wedding at Town Hall Hotel?

I didn’t want to be too traditional. I decided not to wear white and instead chose a gold floor-length caped dress from Erdem. I wanted to feel glamorous and chic and I think that was definitely the case. We both felt the day was a really true reflection of our taste & style. We also loved it being in central London – it’s one of the coolest cities in the world and our wedding felt extra special for it.

Camilla and Nathan wedding party in front of Town Hall Hotel in London.
Photo by @emis.weddings

How did you both meet?

We met when we were 17 at school almost 13 years ago!

Bride Camilla and Nathan walking hand in hand in London
Photo by @emis.weddings
Elegant wedding cake at Camilla's wedding in London
Photo by @emis.weddings

How did he propose to you?

He didn’t, we had a very grown-up conversation and agreed it was what we both really wanted! We announced our engagement to our family in the south of France on holiday!

Bride Camilla and groom toasting with champagne in London
Photo by @emis.weddings
Bride Camilla and groom sharing a loving look
Photo by @emis.weddings

Did you DIY anything?

No… although my best friend was our Registrar which was incredibly special!

What was your inspiration for your wedding hair & makeup?

I’ve always been really natural and I actually don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis. Svetlana got this straight away and created a look that I loved. I needed quite a lot of guidance as I wasn’t very sure what I wanted. For my hair, I was worried that I had quite short hair and there wasn’t much you could do with it…but Izabella was amazing – she gave me waves and it looked incredible. She also was great at placing my veil which was a last-minute addition.

Newlyweds Camilla and groom exiting London wedding venue with guests throwing confetti
Photo by @emis.weddings
Bride Camilla smiling on a balcony in London with urban background
Photo by @emis.weddings
Bride Camilla and Nathan sharing a kiss at London wedding entrance.
Photo by @emis.weddings

What did you do to prepare for your special day?

I spent quite a few months getting fit, which I really enjoyed. The few weeks before, we both tried to remain calm and be as stress free as possible. I think it worked! We didn’t DIY anything because we thought it would stress us out – I think it probably would have done.

Bride Camilla with a dog wearing a floral collar at her London wedding
Photo by @emis.weddings

What was a memorable moment for you?

The whole day was incredible but we loved the ceremony the most – my dog was the ring bearer! Walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Nathan at the altar is something I will never ever forget. 

However, the morning getting ready with my closest loved ones was probably one of my personal highlights! We drank champagne and listened to music whilst we got ready – it was lovely.

Bride Camilla in her wedding dress standing on steps outside London venue
Photo by @emis.weddings

The funniest moment on the day was or something that surprised you?

I decided to make a speech and it actually went down really well – I didn’t cry as much as I thought I was going to! 

Also, my dog was our ring bearer and the only time he barked for the whole day was when the Registrar asked if anyone had anything to declare!

Where was your honeymoon?

We flew to Corsica for two weeks – a French island in the Mediterranean. It was spectacular and so relaxing.

Bride Camilla and groom posing with a vibrant bouquet in London wedding hall
Photo by @emis.weddings

Were there any other details?

I asked my bridesmaids to wear bright pink, but let them choose the design. One of them wore a suit – it was just really cool. I absolutely loved our flowers. They were bright pinks and oranges and the photos look incredible with the dresses.

Bride Camilla toasting with bridesmaids at Town Hall Hotel London
Photo by @emis.weddings

One or two piece of advice for future IB Brides

Enjoy the run-up – I don’t know why so many brides and grooms get so stressed – this is one of the best days ever and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

I loved that my bridesmaids wore their own style dresses/suits. They looked incredible and were ultimately more comfortable.

Don’t wear white if you don’t want to!

Central London weddings are the best…

Bride Camilla and groom holding hands
Photo by @emis.weddings

Wedding Vendors

  1. Bridal Hair & Makeup: @izabellabordignon @izabellabordignon.brides
  2. Photography: @emis.weddings
  3. Shoes: Eska (IG @esskashoes)
  4. Accessories: Dreamveils (IG @dreamveils) and Swarovski 
  5. Dress: Erdem (IG @erdem)
  6. Wedding Venue: Town Hall Hotel (IG @townhallhotel)
  7. Flowers: EmmyBloom (@IG emmybloom.ldn)
  8. Cake: Lily Vanilli (IG @lily_vanilli_cake)

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Emis for his exceptional photography skills and for beautifully capturing the unforgettable moments from Camilla’s wedding day.

Bride Camilla with bridesmaids in pink dresses outside London Town Hall Hotel
Photo by @emis.weddings

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share?

Go on your honeymoon a few days after – don’t leave a few months – it’s so nice to go away for a while straight after all the buzz.

Bride Camilla and groom Nathan sharing a kiss in London
Photo by @emis.weddings
Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at wedding in London
Photo by @emis.weddings
Newlyweds Camilla and partner walking up
Photo by @emis.weddings
Close-up of bride Camilla holding hands with groom in London
Photo by @emis.weddings

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