Dannah & David at The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Discover the tale of Dannah and David as they celebrate their uniquely memorable and non-traditional wedding, inspired by the black theme wedding and full of character and charm. In July 2023, they exchanged vows, with all the official proceedings taking place at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. The dinner and party took place at The Prince Albert pub in Camden. The exquisite bridal hair and makeup were masterfully crafted by Izabella Bordignon and her expert team. In this article, Dannah recounts her journey with a lovely review and imparts invaluable advice for future brides.

Bride Dannah and David walking hand in hand at Marylebone Town Hall.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

How was your experience with us?

It was a 5-star experience! Izabella and Johanna delivered world-class creations on my wedding day. They are truly amazing artists. I looked absolutely gorgeous. My hair and makeup stayed perfect all day and all night. I was so grateful to have them as part of my special day.

Bride Dannah holding a white rose bouquet.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

Why did you choose us?

When I was still in Doha, I was searching for a bridal hair and makeup artist based in London. Izabella’s name popped up in my Google search, and I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with her when I arrived here in the UK. I knew from the very beginning that she was the perfect bridal hairstylist for me.

Bride Dannah in her wedding dress looking radiant indoors.
Photo by Izabella Bordignon

What was your inspiration, theme/style of your wedding day?

I’ve always loved London. It’s a dream wedding destination and a nice place to experience the hustle and bustle of this beautiful city. We decided to have an unconventional wedding with a black theme at a pub.

Dannah and David with guests on a double-decker bus.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

Did you DIY anything?

I DIYed everything on my wedding day! From all the suppliers and even the order of events for receptions.

Newlyweds Dannah and David posing in front of a vintage red bus.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

How did you both meet?

David and I met in the Middle East, in Doha, Qatar. We used to work for the same company, and the rest is history.

Bride and groom Dannah and David descending stairs as guests throw confetti.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

How did he propose to you?

It was a very simple and sweet proposal. Nothing dramatic. It was just the two of us at the pub in Doha and we were playing billiards. I remember excusing myself to go to the loo, and when I returned he knelt down and asked me to marry him. We were happy and danced all night.

Bride Dannah and groom David walking hand in hand through a field.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

What did you do to prepare for your special day?

It’s important to plan ahead of time before your wedding day to make sure you look and feel like the best version of yourself when you walk down the aisle. I had breakdowns four months before the wedding due to stress, and my skin was breaking out. I blamed it on my hormones (haha). I made sure to follow my pre-wedding beauty regimen religiously. I was so glad my spots were at bay before the wedding. I tailored a nutrition and workout plan to eliminate stress before the wedding. Sometimes, you really need to beat Murphy’s law.

Bride Dannah in her wedding dress leaning on a staircase railing.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

What was your inspiration for your Bridal Hair & Makeup?

I have naturally curly hair and I thought of changing it for a more appropriate wedding hairstyle. Izabella created a gorgeous Hollywood waves hairstyle. I don’t usually wear makeup, but I want to be dolled up sometimes, especially on special occasions. I wanted a fresh and natural wedding makeup that can accentuate my features. Johanna did flawless makeup on me and my eyes were very expressive. I had stunning and head-turning hair and makeup on my wedding day.

Bride Dannah standing on a bustling London street with a bouquet of roses.
Photo by Izabella Bordignon

The funniest moment on the day was or something that surprised you?

The most memorable and funniest moment on the wedding day was when David and I did our photoshoot in Primrose Hill. I was wearing 5-inch boots heels and we climbed up on the hill. It was painfully funny, but we had such a great and fun time on that day.

Bride Dannah and groom David sharing a kiss in a scenic field.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

Where was your honeymoon?

We haven’t had our honeymoon yet. Our first plan was Italy but we’re thinking of going to South America  next year instead. Brazil, perhaps?

Bride Dannah and groom David raising a bouquet surrounded by cheering guests.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

One or two piece of advice for future Brides

Keep an open mind and trust Izabella and her team. Show pictures of wedding hair and makeup looks, use them as inspiration.

Bride Dannah in London celebrating with Izabella Bordignon and Team , holding up her bouquet.
Photo by Izabella Bordignon

Wedding Vendors

  1. Bridal Hair & Makeup: Team Izabella Bordignon
  2. ShoesCult Gaia (IG @cultgaya) has unique heels and shoes , I’ve got my boots from the brand.
  3. Accessories – If you’re into vintage accessories go for Etsy UK, they have loads of nice pieces and it’s pretty local.
  4. Dress – If you’re anti Bride’s white dress like me but still want to look feminine, Zimmerman (IG @zimmermann) is the best brand for you. Zimmerman has the most unique and luxurious fabric of dresses.
  5. Wedding CeremonyThe Old Marylebone Town Hall is the best registry office for wedding photos of our intimate ceremony.
  6. Wedding Party VenueThe Prince Albert, Camden, if you want to do a pub wedding. You can rent the whole pub on your wedding day celebration.
  7. Bridal BouquetShilpa Reddy Flowers, check out her Instagram page. She has the most beautiful flowers.
  8. CakeLuminary Bakery – if you want a minimalist and healthy wedding cake, Luminary Bakery is the one for you.
  9. Wedding photographer and videographerPink Daisy Weddings was the perfect choice, we had the best photographer Marek D (@emerald_wedding_photos) from Emerald Wedding Photos and the cool videographer Tomas

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Marek for his exceptional photography skills and for beautifully capturing the unforgettable moments from Dannah’s wedding day.

Bride Dannah in a ruffled dress holding flowers at a columned Historic London Old Marylebone Town Hall.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share?

Wisdom to live by, “Cut all the worries, life is good and have fun”

Bride Dannah, groom David, and guests celebrating on the steps of The Old Marylebone Town Hall in London.
Photo by Emerald Wedding Photos

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