From a Bride: What Every Bride Needs To Know

Dear Bride, have you ever thought of having your wedding in the heart of London? London brings the perfect setting, with all the charm and comfort a bride seeks.

Whether you have little or lots of time, whether in a classic or more contemporary style, you can make an unforgettable wedding your way!

Here’s the story of an incredible wedding that I had the immense pleasure of meeting and producing, most of it written by the real bride, Estefi, including her golden tips for all brides planning their wedding.

Until she met me, she didn’t know anyone who could help her with this important step of preparing for the wedding. But luckily, she found us!

“I was very fortunate to find Izabella. I didn’t know anyone getting married in London, so for me, just the thought of not knowing who was going to guide me during this whole journey was very stressful.

Luckily, I contacted Izabella’s team and very quickly they organised a video call where we talked about the type of styles I liked for my hair, and what kind of make-up I had in mind. Izabella’s experience is so broad, that she guided me through the whole process, while also teaching me along the way about what would be the best for me and advising me on the whole look overall.” says Estefi

London or South of France?

Bride & Groom walking in London
Credit: Victoria Somerset-How Photography

“My husband and I got married in London, but we are originally from France and Argentina, and we didn’t have many people to help us through the process. However, we loved it!

For months after we got engaged, we thought about organising a big wedding in the South of France, but it just didn’t feel like us.

We love London and we wanted a city wedding. So, we started organising everything, but with very little time in advance. We started our process in February 2022 and booked a slot to get married in May. However, we did it! So, if you don’t have a lot of time, don’t worry. You got this!”  – Estefi

Estefi chose comfort and elegance, and added all her own style to an intimate wedding.

“London is probably one of the greatest cities to get married. The Town Halls all over the city do an amazing job preparing everything for you, they are like your own small wedding planners! You’ll find anything you need, from an amazing dress, shoes, bags, and flower suppliers. You name it, London has the best and the ultimate for brides.

Because I didn’t want to be a conventional bride, and I thought it would be a great choice for the city, I decided to wear a white suit. I felt chic and comfortable at the same time. Nothing beats that.

Everything went smoothly and we’ll never forget that day. It was the happiest of all”. Estefi

The Wedding

“Being a bride is stressful and nerve-racking. I don’t think anyone really prepares you for a day like this, but you must trust the process and find real advice from other brides or professionals like Izabella and her team. That’s what I did, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The day of the wedding was just amazing. Izabella came with her team, everything was punctual and organised and she wasn’t only my hairstylist, but also a person who made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She was always present for me and that meant a lot!

My experience was so positive, Izabella is today my hairstylist in London, and I wouldn’t change her for the world.

For our micro-wedding, we chose the iconic Marylebone Old Town Hall and only hired a photographer, a florist, and of course, Izabella’s services. 

For the reception after the ceremony, we planned a lovely lunch at a restaurant nearby so everyone could walk after the ceremony. We kept it simple, with only very close friends and family and no more than 15 guests. Which was perfect. Intimate, yet fun and cute”. Estefi

Wedding Celebration with 2 glass of wine
Credit: Victoria Somerset-How Photography

Wedding Suppliers

“Getting married in London is amazing but a bit hectic. It’s great to have a lot of options to choose from, but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. For me, it was very important to search online for brides’ blogs, or articles like this, so I would have honest reviews from real brides to know which suppliers I should go for”. Estefi

The Reception

“For the venue we chose Clarette. It’s an amazing French restaurant located in Marylebone. Not only a great choice if you are getting married at the Old Town Hall because of its proximity, but also because it’s very central and everyone will know how to find it. Even if they aren’t from the city.

They offer incredible food menus for all budgets, which I think it’s super important. They also offer the biggest selection of Chateaux Margaux wines in London and with the restaurant’s sommelier, you’ll find the greatest options to pair your food. 

You can choose from two of their private rooms that accommodate at least 20 people. An incredible option for city weddings or just small civil celebrations. ”. Estefi

The Flowers – Bouquet

Micro Wedding Flowers
Credit: Victoria Somerset-How Photography

“When thinking about flowers, I went for a local Bermondsey supplier, Igloo Flowers. We worked very quickly on my bouquet, and I let them surprise me. Because I wanted very neutral colours and something classic and feminine, my bouquet had seasonal May flowers like some beautiful pale pink ranunculus, soft feathery pale pink astilbe, white peonies, pale pink sweet peas, and silver-grey eucalyptus”. Estefi

Dressing for Comfort and Beauty

 “For the outfit, I didn’t want to wear a dress, and honestly, I didn’t have the time to pick one, so I went for a comfortable yet chic choice – a white suit.

I chose it from Whistle’s bridal collection. They have amazing options, and their suit is amazing! It fits like a glove and it’s just very elegant. Everyone loved it and complimented it so much that I was more than pleased.

I would advise you to go to their flagship Whistle store on St Christopher’s Place in Central London, where they have a whole floor for bridal trials. The staff is lovely, and you’ll be able to try on everything, which is key.

For the top, I went for a basic H&M blouse with lace because I wanted that effect underneath my blazer.

For the shoes, I chose a classic pair of satin gem-embellished pumps in cream from Charles and Keith’s wedding collection. 

I didn’t want a very high heel, so I went for their 6-centimetre version. This brand, originally from Singapore, delivers to the UK and many European countries and has the most stylish and comfortable shoes ever. Please allow some time for them to ship them. At least 7 days”. Estefi

Mother of the Bride – The Classical Touch

“My mother chose her outfit from Hobbs, a classic for the mother of the bride, and my husband a suit from Paul Smith, shoes from Russel & Bromley, and a tie from Reiss.


One of the best things about this whole process was trusting in the professionals, like Izabella and Victoria Somerset-How, our wedding photographer.

Victoria managed to make some room in her incredibly tight schedule and took care of our timeless pictures. You can get in touch with her at “. Estefi

You can admire some of Victoria’s work in the photos that accompany this article.

A Very Natural Bridal Look

Micro Wedding Day Bride & Groom with flowers
Credit: Victoria Somerset-How Photography

For the make-up, Dani Bastos, from Izabella’s team worked on a very natural bridal look for me. We didn’t want fake eyelashes, for example, and we decided to go for warm tones from Glossier, Dior, and Charlotte Tilbury.

I then applied some nude pink YSL lipstick to have it on my clutch and the infallible Laura Mercier powder to reduce brightness”. Estefi

“Speaking of clutches, I chose mine from Monsoon. They also have their own bridal collection, and I loved mine which was drenched in an array of beads, faux pearls, and had a stunning floral embroidery. Shape-wear was from John Lewis (a must for any bride, trust me), and my fragrance of choice was from Floris London”. Estefi

Estefi’s Golden Tips

Bride white wedding dress and groom black suit walking in london
Credit: Victoria Somerset-How Photography

1. Go with what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, in terms of the outfit

“Getting married is such a unique moment that no one can really tell you what’s about to happen, how you are supposed to feel or what you should be doing. Every step is very personal and should be kept that way.

Don’t follow any trends and stick to classic pieces that will make you feel elegant and stylish. For me, choosing a suit was the best option. May can have beautiful sunny days, yet cold, and in London rain is always a possibility, so I wanted something I would feel comfortable in, but that at the same time, it would make me stand out”. Estefi

Treat trends as inspiration and not as an obligation. They work when they suit you, a tip I give is to ask yourself how you feel at the moment, the answer will lead you to the best choices. You must also take into account the trend’s characteristics and environmental aspects.

2. Me-time

“Something I wish someone had told me, is that on the day of your wedding every bride should be alone, to be very calm, and have zero stress around. 

I know most brides dream about getting ready with their best friends, their mother, sisters, or other family members, but I would advise you to get your own room in a hotel or in a house, so for a couple of hours, it’s just you and your glam team.

I got ready with my friends and my mum, and, after a few months, I realised the room was too crowded, and that I was making sure everyone was having a good time but myself. It might sound a bit selfish but having the attention 100% on you is actually healthy, it’s probably one of the most important days of your life, and you will get to share it with everyone afterwards. 

Just focus on yourself, and take any help offered by your bridesmaid, or friends, to make sure the outfit is on point, so you have time to finish your look and feel amazing”. Estefi

Anything can happen on your wedding day, so being in an environment conducive to relaxation is essential.

As well as making this very common mistake in weddings, some brides suddenly decide on changes involving the look in the week before the wedding. Want to know what they are and how to avoid them?

Read our guide: Bridal Hair and Makeup Preparation: 6 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding

3. Try to find an excellent tailoring service with time

“This is something I made a huge mistake about. I needed my trousers to be altered, and until this day I thank my mother who insisted I did it with time and with my wedding shoes on hand.

I had a terribly bad experience with a local tailor that almost ruined my whole suit, so please be aware of this and find a very good place with outstanding reviews that are used to work with delicate wedding fabrics.
If not in a matter of seconds, your whole outfit could be ruined. For me, luckily, I could re-purchase a new suit from Whistles and have my money refunded a couple of months later. But I wouldn’t wish this for anyone! Ever!” Estefi

4. Book a trial for hair and make-up

I strongly advise any bride to book a trial in person for make-up and hair, because, let me tell you that everything I always had in mind and dreamt about ‘a bridal look’, wasn’t for me in the end. I had to see it to believe it, so Izabella’s expertise was incredibly important to understand what type of look I needed.

She works with the best tools and products, and it’s modern but still classic and chic. Something any bride needs!” Estefi

“Booking a trial for hair and make-up is a must, trust me. After being engaged, I started to think about my look, and what type of hair and makeup I wanted.

I definitely had something in mind, and then after seeing it during the trial I realised how wrong I was.

Izabella and her team recommend the trial, and I would say go for it. During that day, you can try a couple of styles for your hair and makeup, and analyse alongside Izabella on what’s best for your type of hair, skin, what goes well with the season, the weather, etc. Everything matters”. Estefi

Do you also need to see it to believe it? Did you like our bride? Book your free consultation with Izabella Bordignon and let’s make your dreams come true.

5. Delight in every minute

Micro Wedding Ceremony in London Marylebone Old Town Hall
Credit: Victoria Somerset-How Photography

“As my last piece of advice, just be yourself. Enjoy the process of being engaged, and the process of organising your wedding. The day of your celebration will go so fast, you’ll wish it lasted longer. It will probably be one of the happiest days ever, so make sure to appreciate everything around you, especially you and your loved one”. Estefi

Do you also want your wedding to be an unforgettable experience, like Estefi? Send us a message via WhatsApp or call us here.