Timing Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial: A 6 Step Plan

By now, I’m sure you’ll have checked out our previous article: Wedding Hair Trial: 8 Tips From A Professional London Hair Stylist. But if you’re determined to look your best, when exactly should you plan to have your wedding trial? It’s certainly not something to be left until just a few days before your wedding day. Read along to ensure that you get the timing right for your bridal hair and makeup trial!

Top Bridal Hair Stylist Izabella Bordignon has helped thousands of brides look spectacular on their big day, and is crystal clear on the timing. Her six-step plan makes total sense.

Step 1 – Start searching and book bridal hair and makeup ASAP!

You need to choose your preferred hairstylist and get your wedding date in their diary immediately you’ve decided on the date, even if that’s far ahead at the moment. If you already have a favourite bridal hair stylist or makeup artist in mind, you’ll need to check their availability even before you finalise the date!

Top hairstylists get booked up well in advance, especially for Spring and Summer Saturdays. You’ll also need to tell them where you’ll be getting married, and what sort of wedding you’re planning, so they can start thinking about when your trials should be scheduled.

Think about how long you’re willing to spend on wedding hair and wedding makeup, as some sessions can take many hours. Some brides want full glamorous touches which can take several hours to apply, such as using eyelash extensions and sparkly topknots, , while others like to keep it minimal.

Stay in regular touch with your stylist right up to the trial date, and always tell them about any changes to your plans. From here on, your wedding planning is a journey, and you will need them with you all the way.

Step 2 – Go shopping!

The wedding dress you’ll be wearing, and the accessories that you choose, have a big influence on what hairstyles and makeup will work best. If it’s going to be a formal wedding, perhaps you’ll choose a braided style, if it’s relaxed, perhaps curls? Will you choose soft or dramatic makeup? As you shop, you’ll develop a better idea of what you really want for your Big Day. As you do, stay in touch with your hairstylist.

When choosing which dress to wear on your wedding day, make sure you ask your hairstylist about the pros and cons of different styles. Your hairstylist is the expert who knows exactly what looks good on you; let them guide you through the many hairstyles available so you can find the perfect one for your wedding day. Communication is key in creating a bridal look that holds that timeless elegance you love to look back and see in wedding photos.

“Brides often change their minds as the months go by, and they’re not always sure what will work best”, says Izabella. “I love it when brides send me photos and call to chat through ideas. It also helps me a lot in advising them when to plan their wedding hair and makeup trials.”

Step 3 – Search for inspiration!

Once you’ve found a dress that you like, begin a more serious search for the hairstyle and makeup that you think you’d like to go with it. There are mountains of ideas on Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist’s opinion of your favourites! WhatsApp them the pictures and have a chat. Ask them which styles suit your face shape, and which hair colours best complement your skin tone – detail is key to achieving the perfect wedding hair. If the style is complex, or a big change from how you usually look, your hairstylist might want to reschedule your provisional trial date, if only on a “just in case” basis. Share and discuss fully with your hairstylist or makeup artist, make notes and then – sit back and get ready for your dream wedding!

Step 4 – Make your mind up!

A few months before your trial, you need to begin making definitive decisions, especially if you are aiming for a significant change from your existing look.

“Even six months before isn’t too early, especially if a bride is thinking of a major cut”, says Izabella.

“Remember that if it’s left any later there’ll be no way back before the wedding!” If you’re feeling at all unsure about your hairstyle, even just colouring or curls, you may need to bring your trial date forward, or perhaps plan a second trial, just in case it doesn’t work out as well as you hope. You don’t want to worry too much, but in this instance, you can never be too prepared!

Step 5 – Have your bridal hair and makeup trial day!

The Big Day is getting close, and it’s time to kickstart the fun and really get into the mood. Nothing does that better than your hair and makeup trial! If you’ve agreed with your hairstylist that you’ll only need one trial, it’ll probably be scheduled two or three months before the wedding. If you’re having two trials, the first one will be a few months beforehand and the final two-four weeks before.

“The final trim and any colouring need to be done around a fortnight before the wedding”, advises Izabella. “That’s the right timing to allow things to settle but still be fresh on the day, and still allow time to make any final tweaks”.

Step 6 – Relax!

Long-haired blonde bride with Hollywood waves reclining peacefully on armchair in a ball gown with halter neckline and illusion waist.

Now, there’s nothing left to worry about. After your wedding hair and makeup trial, you will be filled with confidence, knowing that you’ll look great and you’ll be proud to look at your wedding photos for years into the future. If you have any last-minute doubts (and what bride doesn’t?) get in touch with your hairstylist and discuss – if they’re anything like Izabella, they’ll always be happy to chat and contribute ideas.

Take Izabella’s advice, and you’ll be certain of a wedding hairstyle and makeup look you’ll always want to remember.