7 Wedding Trends and Wishes for 2021

Have You Prepared Your New Year’s Wishes?

Our wish for the coming year is to fulfil our vows to you. We have not forgotten them, and we are still here together.

It has been an amazing experience for us to take care of each bride, to be part of each story, and even from afar, we still share the same dream.

We are looking forward to hearing about your wishes for 2021, what you expect to see, to show you so many wonderful options and to know your choice. While you wait for your big day, let’s share our favourite inspirations.

1. Classic low bun wedding hairstyle

Classic low bun wedding hairstyle

Classics never go out of style! This hairstyle helps enhance the shoulders and back, depending on the choice of dress. The low bun supports any type of veil well, leaving the bride to be majestic, with an angelic and delicate air.

2. Hollywood waves

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood waves are often chosen by celebrities for Oscar celebrations; the style gives a natural air and the detail of the accessory adds delicacy and shine. This style is very popular, and you can’t go wrong; it can be created with short or long hair, it is elegant and is fantastic for any occasion.

3. Half-tie hairstyles

Half-tie Hairstyles

This hairstyle brings charm to the hair, and hints that the bride is only revealing part of a secret. Enhances the neck and brings elegance.

4.  Natural makeup

Natural makeup

Smooth, natural makeup continues as a trend into the next year. It gives a rosier hue and does not “fight” with the necklace.

The hairdo is a harmonious combination, without any exaggeration, and turns looks to the necklace. You can decide what is most important to you, what will be the most sparkling. It can be hair, makeup, dress or accessory.

5. Braided hairstyles 

Braided Hairstyles

Braids are a classic hairstyle, they bring a romantic air and are super versatile – you can use them in several ways. This hairstyle brings lightness and a touch more.

6. Casual and natural hairstyles

Casual and natural hairstyles

This hairstyle, to one side with waves, looks good on short hair and brings the idea of naturalness. It gives the hair movement and yet it stays in place.

For makeup, the eyes are enhanced so that no accessories or lipstick “fight” with them.

And who said that strong eyeshadow only goes with a light coloured lipstick? Here is proof that it is possible to find harmony with both colours.

7. Makeup more natural than ever

Makeup more natural than ever

It doesn’t take a lot to highlight a beauty. A few “brushstrokes”, and voilà!

The best choice is the one that suits you – if you like something more natural, go for it!

The model’s eyes attract a lot of attention and the lipstick “talks” to them. This look is romantic, delicate and smooth.

Do you already know which look you will choose, or at least already have an idea? Until you’ve made your mind up, don’t miss our tips and suggestions here.

We’ve made our New Year wishes – do you want to see them?

New Year wishes

• Look at every bride as if she were the first

• Craft amazing makeups!

• Create the best hairstyle.

• Surprise and thrill each bride at the end

• Take care of each client’s well-being

Have you done yours? We can already help you with one, book your date now!

We wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful, safe and successful 2021! A year full of achievements, hope and joy. See you soon!