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Empower Women to Become Successful Hairstylists

We believe in the transforming power of beauty. Everyone can be part of this transformation. We can do more than just serve our own customers – we want to help the many young women who aspire to work in the beauty industry to have a successful career.

Our Mission – from Woj Beauty to Woj Academy

Through the lockdown, when all our hairstyling and beauty business was cancelled, we worked on and spent our savings to reinvent ourselves as the Woj Academy – teaching everything we know through online classes to enable the many young women who aspire to work in the beauty industry to enter into a new career with confidence and success. So many have lost their jobs – in retail, hospitality and other sectors – and have become depressed with no prospects in sight. Through the Woj Academy, we’re enthusing them to develop new skills online, ready to start anew with confidence as soon as the pandemic is over.

So far, we’ve done it all through our own resources, but they’re nearly exhausted. We need your help, please! As a donor, you are part of our team and your role is fundamental to the development of the Academy. With your help, we will be able to transform our knowledge and experience into quality material and training quickly, even in these new and difficult times.

Woj Beauty – We believe in our customers’ dreams 

We specialise in transforming every woman into looking their best through personalised hair and beauty services. We want to turn this crisis into an opportunity, and dreams into reality. Help us to continue making unforgettable moments and well-being for all women.


We’re seeking crowdfunding of £10,000 to enable us to take our proven concepts and methods into new territories, so we can employ and train a team of beauty professionals and at the same time develop a video-based training system that will help others all over the world to start their own beauty businesses, learning and applying our quality, innovative and COVID-secure techniques.

With this funding, we plan to

  • Film and edit the videos into lessons that can be applied anywhere
  • Improve the online academy
  • Marketing and PR to reach more and more women
  • Help us to get this business up and running during this crazy time

I have been ‘bootstrapping’ Woj Beauty so far. This means I have paid for everything from my savings. Thanks to your support, we will be able to use the funds gathered through your pledges to build the next generation of our platform, which is essential to take our business to the next stage of its journey. No donation is too little or too big, every pledge is much appreciated.

Please help! We can’t do it without you!

What happened

Every business was affected by the pandemic, but the beauty sector was hit particularly badly. Up until March, our business had been growing well. We had several staff, and many appointments booked months in advance, but of course, all those were cancelled. We received many messages of support, and our customers’ kind comments motivated us to move forward during the lockdown.

What we decided to do

This time made us reflect on all those affected, especially clients planning weddings and other big events that had to be postponed indefinitely. It was traumatic for them, as they had researched, planned and prepared over many months, looking forward to a great moment of their lives.

Despite the cancellations, we believe in commitment, in long-term relationships. So we kept in close touch with our brides-to-be and motivated them not to be discouraged. Time only makes a dream even bigger and more beautiful.

In our business, we concentrated our efforts to adjust to the “new normal” and make major improvements. We put in place procedures to meet and exceed all COVID-secure safety standards, choosing products and equipment appropriate to this new moment. Beauty and hair treatments are  very demanding in terms of safety; the well-being of our customers is our top priority.

We decided to help others

We could have stopped completely during the lockdown, but we decided to use creativity to reinvent both ourselves and our business.

The pandemic didn’t only affect us, of course. We know how difficult it is to start, maintain and build a business, and we share the same feelings and challenges as other beauty businesses. We decided we could help others by putting into practice an idea that we had brought for some time.

So, in early July, we launched an online hairdressing academy, the Woj Academy.

Since then, we’ve been busy preparing classes with step by step hairstyles. We aim to teach techniques to give both novice and experienced stylists the confidence they need, and show them how to deliver incredible results to their brides. We’ll teach them how to do that while applying all the necessary COVID-secure techniques.

Why we need your help and money!

Limited by the lockdown, we’ve drafted the curriculum, prepared the classes and recorded the first series using “home video” techniques and with our founder, Izabella, explaining what she’s doing in her native Portuguese. We’ve tested the video lessons on many people in Brazil to get reactions, feedback and to learn where we need to improve. Check out our YouTube with video tutorials

Now, we have a studio space of our own in East London and can start to rebuild our business here around this concept. And, at the same time, we can help others. With all the business closures recently, especially in the hospitality and retail sectors, there are many more unemployed, including many young women who aspire to new careers in the beauty industry and would love to start their own businesses.

Going over and beyond…

In an ideal world, we’d really like to employ not just one but up to four trainees. There’s plenty of talent out there desperate for a new career, and we have the capacity! The only thing holding us back is money…. 

We don’t want to be greedy, and we believe that we’d really achieve a lot with the £10,000 target that we’ve set here, and we’ll be grateful for every pound you can spare. But if we achieve that, and can stretch the target further, we’d like you to know that every extra £10,000 that we can raise will enable us to employ one more trainee and get them into stable employment. 

About Woj Beauty

12 years ago, a young Brazilian woman, Izabella Wojciechowski, found her purpose in the Universe of Beauty, turning a dream into a career and a mission. A mission to help every woman look her best and be proud of her own image.

This dream took shape, and in 2018 Izabella brought her expertise to London, and founded Woj Beauty, a small mobile beauty service company – we do hair and makeup, specialising in brides and their guests. We have developed a beauty approach that we believe is unique, highlighting the individual characteristics in each woman to make her feel special whenever and wherever she wishes.

Our clients say… 

“Just had a hair treatment and haircut by Izabella in preparation for a party tonight and my hair looks and feels amazing. Izabella did such an incredible job, explained everything so well about the keratin treatment and make me look and feel fabulous. I couldn’t recommend Woj Beauty highly enough. Thanks Izabella!” RF

“Absolutely amazing! She instantly knew what I wanted and did a perfect job. She did my hair and make-up for my wedding and I could not have been happier with the result. My mother even cried because I looked so pretty. Received many compliments on my look from guests too. I would recommend her to any bride!!” RS

Thank you for your support

Your support will mean the world to us, and will contribute to the future success of Woj Beauty and Woj Academy. 

The more people we can get behind this the more chance we’ll reach our target, so please help spread the word by sharing on social media.

The Rewards

£ 10 – Thank you for your support

Spare us a tenner to help a business you love get through whatever COVID-19 sends our way.

Thank you so much for believing in us. Your support means so much to us.

£ 35 – Hair Schedule + Special Message

Have you thought about having a capillary schedule to help you care for your hair in your own home? Izabella will reveal the secrets to maintaining beautiful and healthy hair. Learn everyday tricks and know the right products to have more shine and life in your hair. With exclusive content previously offered only in private consultations with Izabella, provided to you in a digital version.

£ 95 – Hair Schedule + Woj Beauty signature silk pillowcase + Special Message

During the lockdown, we’ve been deprived of professional beauty care. Events have been  postponed or cancelled and our routine has changed abruptly. We’ve built the care you did not have during this period into your routine! This way, your skin and hair will be well taken care of when your special day arrives.

We will give you a digital capillary schedule and, in addition, the Woj Beauty signature silk pillowcase. Silk, being colder than cotton, helps to keep the skin breathing, prevents breakage of collagen, slows down the formation of wrinkles, shrinks pores and keeps skin hydrated. It also maintains the natural moisture of the hair, leaving it soft and silky.

£ 155 – Hair Schedule + Woj Beauty signature silk pillowcase + 20 min Consultancy + 25% Discount Voucher + Special Message

You will get complete care of your beauty! You will discover the secrets to keeping your hair healthy and shiny – through the digital capillary schedule.

You will have more peaceful nights knowing that your hair will not dawn with frizz and preventing hair loss – with the Woj Beauty signature silk pillowcase, an exclusive gift for you.

You will receive a consultancy and a discount voucher to take advantage of Woj Beauty services.

£200 – Complete Classroom Makeover as a model

Help us launch the Woj Academy and benefit from a complete makeover that in a normal private session would cost £300 or more. Come to our studio and become a model for a day in one of our training sessions. Don’t worry about the trainees, Izabella will take complete care of you! 

£500 – You are a STAR! Thank you! **Wall of Fame**

You will receive a personalised Thank You card, alongside a personalised Hair Schedule + Woj Beauty signature silk pillowcase + 25% Discount Voucher

 In addition to this, your name will be added to our Wall of Fame

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see our Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.

Let’s make ‘Empower Women to Become Successful Hairstylists’ happen


Thank you very much,

Izabella Bordignon London