Dana & John: An Intimate Wedding and Love Story

Dana and John, two hearts destined to meet, had the first chapter of their story written on the first day of university, there in beautiful Scotland.

“I knew pretty immediately that he was the one for me,” shares Dana, and since then, destiny intertwined their paths, and the journey of years together culminated in a wedding that celebrates not only the union but the unique essence of this incredible couple.

Bride and groom happily embracing on a London street with a unique bouquet
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Dana is an authentic bride, unafraid to be herself. She chose a minimalist, delicate, and elegant wedding dress that reflected her personality, along with hair and makeup done by the Izabella Bordignon team. Dana and John had an intimate and relaxed vision for the big day, even considering an elopement with family. However, they chose to involve friends in this unforgettable journey. The wedding took place in September 2023 at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, followed by a dinner at St John Bread and Wine. Love and laughter echoed in the words of family and friends during speeches, creating a fun and meaningful night.

Bride smiling at groom during a light-hearted moment on their wedding day in London at the Old Marylebone Town Hall
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Dana and John’s story is a charming reminder that the essence of marriage lies in joy, laughter, and moments that become eternal memories. As you explore this blog post, we celebrate the love, beauty, and authenticity that make each wedding truly unique.

By delving into this article, you will have access to the most intimate details of Dana and John’s wedding, their inspirations, and valuable tips for future brides. Scroll down the page and discover the story that values the true essence of marriage.

How was your experience with us?

It was great! Each team member (Izabella, Johanna, Svetlana, Carol) was extremely kind and helpful. It was also cool to see the techniques for hair and makeup and how the team members applied certain products.

Bride smiling brightly at the altar in a minimalist London wedding
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Why did you choose us? 

I saw that both the hair and makeup provided by the IB team looked very natural but extra beautiful. Since I don’t normally wear makeup or do my hair in any special way, I didn’t want to go over the top and look too different from normal. I also wanted to organise hair and makeup through one company so that I didn’t have to coordinate with more people on the day and leading up to it.

Bride being prepared for her wedding, smiling in anticipation in London at the Landmark Hotel
Photo by @dan.mccourt

What was your inspiration for a minimalist and intimate wedding? 

It was intimate and relaxed. We had considered eloping with just family but ultimately decided that we wanted to have friends involved. We got married at the Old Marylebone Town Hall with a somewhat small group, and then had a dinner at St John Bread and Wine. Our florist Isabel Denny at Flower & Branch decorated the restaurant so beautifully, and the food was absolutely delicious.

We had family and friends giving speeches, which were so funny and heartwarming. We had a little after party in a private room at a pub a few minutes away too. It was such a fun and wholesome night. This was actually one of three small celebrations – we also had a little unofficial ceremony in Central Park in New York and an amazing lunch in Glasgow as well for our family members who couldn’t travel to our legal ceremony in London.

Guests mingling outside a renowned restaurant during a London wedding reception
Photo by @dan.mccourt

How did you both meet? 

We met on our first day at university in Scotland. I knew immediately that he was the one for me, and we’ve been together since. 

Bride and groom walking hand-in-hand down a picturesque London street
Photo by @dan.mccourt

How did he propose to you? 

We were back in Scotland for Christmas of 2022 and took a little weekend trip back to our university. We visited all of our favourite spots and ate dinner at our favourite restaurant, and then took an evening walk on our favourite beach, where he proposed. 

Bride and groom sharing a romantic moment in a car
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Did you DIY anything? 

I hand embroidered handkerchiefs with each guest’s first initial on them for the place settings.

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake at a St John Bread and Wine Restaurant in London
Photo by @dan.mccourt

What did you do to prepare for your special day? 

I just kept busy and hung out with my family. I didn’t want to worry too much about my appearance.

Bride wearing chic sunglasses at her stylish London wedding
Photo by @dan.mccourt

What was your inspiration for your wedding hair & makeup?

Simple wavy styles for hair but pinned behind the ears, and natural makeup – a bit bronzy with a glossy lip. I didn’t have one image in mind but found some pictures online of eye makeup I liked, lip makeup I liked, hairstyles I liked.

Bride and groom sharing a joyful moment during their London wedding at the Old Marylebone Town Hall.
Photo by @dan.mccourt

What was a memorable moment for you? 

Every moment was happily memorable, but exchanging vows stands out. We wrote ours separately the day before, and I was nervous about reading them in front of everyone. But our family and friends cheered and made us feel very loved and supported.

Bride and groom share a kiss at wedding ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall
Photo by @dan.mccourt

The funniest moment on the day was or something that surprised you? 

Our sixteen-month-old nephew started crying during the ceremony. We weren’t sure what to do because taking him out of the room meant that one of our closest family members, like my dad, would have to miss the ceremony. So we decided our nephew should stay, and my (about-to-be) husband said, ‘It’s okay, he can stay, I’ll just make him feel bad about it when he’s older’. 

Bride and groom laughing during their wedding speech at their wedding party
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Where was your honeymoon? 

We went to Oman for our honeymoon. The weather in September was perfect. We enjoyed the sun, went on hikes, swam, ate lots of food, and slept for about twelve hours a night. It was very calming.  

Bride and groom holding hands while walking down a charming London street
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Were there any other details? 

I tried to incorporate some special items from my closest family members, like a bracelet that belonged to my grandmother.

Bride and groom holding hands and smiling at each other inside a grand marble staircase at the Old Marylebone Town Hall
Photo by @dan.mccourt

One or two pieces of advice for future IB Brides. 

Make sure you’re happy at the hair and makeup trial so that you can picture exactly how you’re going to look on the day. Also, on the day, I liked having a bleach pen in case someone spilled on my white outfit, and also hair pins and extra makeup just in case anything went wrong and I needed a touch up. Having all these things gave me peace of mind.

Bride and groom standing together in front of classical architecture in London at the Old Marylebone Town Hall
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Any last advice or words of wisdom that you can share? 

Everyone says this, but enjoy the process because it does fly by. Also, majorly expensive things aren’t necessarily better. I got my cute short veil for about ten pounds on Amazon. Just try to decide what things are worth spending money on in your opinion and what things aren’t. I would say that appearance is definitely something to spend on though because you’ll have photographs taken. You do want to look your best, even though you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Bride laughing joyfully in a relaxed setting before her wedding
Photo by @dan.mccourt

Wedding Vendors

  1. Bridal Hair & Makeup: Team @izabellabordignon.brides
  2. Photography: @dan.mccourthttps://www.danmccourt.co.uk
  3. Shoes: @aeydehttps://www.aeyde.com
  4. Accessories: @ysl
  5. Outfit (Bustier, Skirt, Bolero): @theownstudiohttps://www.theownstudio.com
  6. Venue / Ceremony: @adaytorememberlondon Old Marylebone Town Hall https://www.adaytoremember.london/old-marylebone-town-hall
  7. Restaurant: @st.john.restauranthttps://stjohnrestaurant.com
  8. Flowers: @flowerandbranchhttps://www.flowerandbranch.co.uk
  9. Videographers: @harrera_images –  https://www.harreraimages.co.uk and  Yeah Mike https://www.yeahmikephotovideo.com/
  10. John’s Suit: @edwardsextonhttps://www.edwardsexton.co.uk

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dan for his exceptional photography skills and for beautifully capturing the unforgettable moments from Dana and John’s wedding day.

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