How to find the best hair colour for your skin tone

Choosing your next hair colour (that matches with your skin tone) from the spectrum of tones that exist within those hues of blonds, browns, reds, and blacks can be overwhelming, right? And that´s because we didn´t even mention fantasy colours such as greys, pinks, blues, and greens – to name just a few.

Figuring out the best hair colour for your complexion can mean a flattered, soothed and empowered look. Old beauty rules don´t work anymore (thankfully!), meaning that you can wear any hair colour that you desire! But if you would like to perfectly match a specific hair colour that will work best with your skin tone, stay tuned.

Are you warm or cool?

You want to colour your hair and the first thing that you need to be aware of is… your skin! Most precisely, your complexion’s undertone. Your skin tone is the colour that you (and everybody else) see. You can be fair, medium, dark, or any shade in between. This “superficial colour” can change according to the season, and if you base your hair colour choice only on this, you can pretty much pick any shade you fancy.

Undertones, on the other hand, determine if your skin is more on the warm or cool side. We dedicated an entire post here all about how to discover your undertone.

Warm undertone has a yellow base colour, while cool ones have a bluer hue. “And why’s that important?”, you might ask.

To explain the details, understand this: undertones are divided into “seasons”. Warm skin tones suit autumn and spring, while cool skin tones go with winter and summer. So we have:

  • Autumn warm
  • Spring warm
  • Summer cool
  • Winter cool

Autumn Warm

People who belong to this category tend to have a healthy, tanned look without any traces of red in their skin tone. Shades of browns and greys suit best, but not reds or marsala.

Spring Warm

Lighter skin tone, light brown eyes, a lighter hair, usually fall into Spring Warm. A more luminous bright brown hair or a warm blonde will look amazing on this undertone.

best hair colour for your skin tone

Summer Cool

A very clear and fresh skin tone with low contrast features. People in the Summer Cool category tend to have brown, blue or grey-green eyes, and they look astonishing with dark brown, plum, and magenta shades. Colours to avoid: warm yellow and black.

best hair colour for your skin tone

Winter Cool

Bright intense colours with highly distinctive features. Winter Cool people usually have dark hair and/or eyes. If you find yourself in this category, embrace the ash platinum or dark black hair, but warm reds and yellows should be avoided.

best hair colour for your skin tone

Fantasy Colours

best hair colour for your skin tone

If you want to try daring colours, as fantasy colours, identifying your undertone can also help you. These colours don’t look like they can be achieved a “natural” way, so they carry a lot of personality and boldness.

Pastel colours will suit cool undertones best. On the other side, people with warmer skin will look fabulous with intense rainbow colours.

When choosing a hair colourist, it is best to go to a professional that will take your features, combined with your wishes, and present you with the best version of yourself. That’s why our beauty squad is equipped with everything you need to achieve the hair colour of your dreams, and, the best part: anywhere you wish. Want to know more about our services? Click here and let’s make something beautiful together.

These tips are just a starting point for you to achieve the hair colour of your dreams. After all, it’s on your head, so if you have a specific colour in your mind that you really want to tackle, go for it! If you try the hair colour that you have always wished, comment below.