Ellen & Peter: A Bride’s Fairy Tale Come True

Wedding season is here! And this time, you’re invited to meet a confident bride that I absolutely loved styling!

Bride Ellen smiling while adjusting her earring, with a serene decor in the background

It was easy to work with Ellen, as she knew exactly what she wanted and felt very confident in our expertise.

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Ellen’s Look

Our beautiful bride Ellen chose a half-up hairstyle adorned with natural flowers as an accessory. The outcome was a blend of boho and elegance.

Ellen having her bridal hairstyle crafted by Izabella Bordignon, reflecting a moment of transformation

The side braid in her hair added a touch of style and sophistication, bringing a unique charm to the look. The hair gained movement with curls cascading over the bare back of the dress.

View of Ellen's bridal hairstyle adorned with elegant white flowers, showcasing intricate details

The choice of hairstyle and dress harmonised perfectly with the veil, creating a charming combination that enhanced the romance and elegance of the occasion.

Ellen surrounded by her bridal party, sharing a joyful and intimate preparation moment

The makeup enhanced Ellen’s most distinctive features; here, we opted for a natural look that aligned with the theme of the wedding. We highlighted the eyes without making them appear heavy.

Every detail, from the hairstyle, accessories, makeup, to the dream dress, left our bride very happy.

Elegant bridal shoes paired with classic pearl earrings, a harmony of wedding accessories

Our bride’s choices were very on point. And you, do you already know how to avoid mistakes? Check out our article Timing Your Bridal Hair And Makeup Trial: A 6 Step Plan.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Look for Your Big Day

In a world of endless possibilities for brides, discovering the ideal look is a crucial step in turning your big dream into reality. With this in mind, we’ve compiled tips that will assist you in finding the perfect appearance, following in the steps of our gorgeous bride, Ellen.

1. Consider harmonious choices

The tip to not go wrong on your wedding day is to do as our bride did: choose a harmonious look that suits your style and taste. Incorporate current trends and embrace elements of the season for both your appearance and the decor.

Ellen laughing joyfully, exemplifying the personal touch to her bridal beauty experience

2. Bring references, your everyday life, and your personality.

Ellen was not accustomed to wearing makeup every day, so we needed to avoid the risk of presenting something unrealistic that she wouldn’t like. We had a detailed conversation and studied real-life examples so we could achieve a look of natural beauty for Ellen.

Bridal hair and makeup session in progress, capturing Ellen's radiant beauty and style

3. The best inspiration is within yourself

On the wedding day, our bride wanted to feel like herself, and her look reflected just that perfectly. We saw a practical, dynamic, and stunning woman.

Bride Ellen and her beauty team in a candid, joyful preparation moment

4. Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Each bride is unique, with different skin, hair, and beauty. That’s why it’s wise to make decisions in advance and dedicate time to something as important as beauty.
Ellen felt more confident and at ease after her trial. The morning of the wedding was quite serene, everything unfolded as planned.

Ellen in her bridal attire, reflecting in the mirror with anticipation and grace

5. Choose specialised hair and makeup artists

On your big day, nothing less than incredible hair and makeup will do. You deserve to feel good, beautiful, and cherished.

Here at Izabella Bordignon, we dedicate all our time to bringing your dream look to life. We simplify your search for something that’s uniquely yours. Singular, and real.

A focused view of Ellen's bridal hairstyle being perfected by Izabella Bordignon

We want you to feel calm and confident on your special day too, as insecurity and stress aren’t good for your skin or appearance. You can rely on us; we’ll spare no effort to bring you inspiration, tips, and behind-the-scenes like this.

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