Wedding off? Gutted? Time to plan again!

It was – it is – going to be the biggest day of your life. 

You’ve spent months and months planning. Trying to get every last detail just right. Venue. Reception. Guests. Photographers. Dress. Hair. Makeup.

Wedding off Gutted Time to plan again

And now, out of the blue, out of the control of all of us, comes the dreaded virus and forces it to be cancelled. And, with all the uncertainty, you can’t even be sure when it’s going to be safe to reschedule it, let alone what dates you’ll be able to fix once you can. 


Be positive

Don’t cry! It’s no time to panic. We’re here for you 🙂

Instead, it’s time to be positive! You now have a whole new opportunity to plan properly all the little details you might have had to skip over before, and look again at all your plans. 

The beauty plan

Especially your Beauty Plan! Stuck at home? Time on your hands? Use it to try out all those ideas you had, and the crazy ones you never dared try before. Now’s a time you won’t get embarrassed if it all goes wrong – nobody need see!

Your beauty regime needs to work with the seasons too, so if your wedding is likely to be rescheduled for a different season – autumn instead of spring – you should be thinking about different colours. 

So, lots of time to experiment! You don’t need lots of sophisticated makeup to try out all your ideas – either you’ll have what you need in your beauty bag or good value options can be picked up by mail order or at the supermarket when you’re doing the weekly food shop. 

And just think of the fun you’ll have! Just like going back to being a little girl and having your face painted! Fun, but really practical and spending an hour or two a day on this is a great use of your time.

So, where to start?

Izabella, head stylist at Woj Beauty, has lots of ideas for you to try out that you can find here. Be sure to subscribe now to Izabella’s Instagram feed, where she posts new ideas every day. And don’t forget to follow Woj Beauty on Instagram.

Take lots of selfies and start an album. Importantly, label up each pic with details of what you did, what makeup you used and what you felt about the effect. Keep all of them – including the ones that you hate today – they’ll remind you what doesn’t work for you as well as what does. Share the good ones with sisters and friends to get their opinions, then make adjustments the next day and do it all again. 

“It’s so helpful when the bride brings an album like that to her makeup trial”, says Izabella. “We can avoid the definite no-nos and work on refining and enhancing the looks that the bride really likes”.

It’s not just makeup of course. No doubt you’ll be worrying about your waistline too – you need to fit into that dress after the lockdown, and we all know that staying at home is dangerous for the figure! 

Stay safe, stay healthy

Again, don’t panic. You need to stay in shape, but you need to eat healthy too – to keep happy and ward off all those dreaded lurgies. A good diet is really important to keep your skin healthy and radiant – and make sure you look absolutely fabulous when that so-long-awaited wedding day finally dawns! 

Izabella’s Instagram series also includes lots of top tips for staying in shape during these lockdown days – and she’ll be sharing some of them in the next article in our WojBeauty blog. 

Stay safe, everyone!